Smile Gallery

Bite Correction

The 13 year old teenager in this case had front teeth that leaned back and in toward the middle of the mouth which could lead to excessive wear of the permanent teeth.

Crowding and Spacing

This 11 year old had severe crowding and a space between her upper front teeth because of a thick frenum. The teeth were aligned and all the spaces closed.

Adult Treatment

The adult here had a crossbite of the lower right canine, a lower midline shifted to the right, and poor alignment of the upper teeth. She was treated using a combination of Invisalign on the upper teeth and traditional braces for the lower teeth.

Adults can be treated at any age, as seen here to correct an open bite and a space near the gingiva (gums) which was due to the shape of the upper front teeth.

Anterior Crossbite

Bite Ramp

 An  8 year old boy with a history of trauma that led to an avulsed primary, baby, tooth developed a crossbite of the upper permanent tooth.  A removable "bite ramp" was worn to bring the upper front tooth forward in 6 weeks with continuous wear.


Another way to treat an upper permanent tooth that grew in behind the lower tooth is to use braces to align the upper front teeth. The lower teeth also were aligned without the placement of braces just by correction of the upper teeth.

Expansion and Crossbite

Crossbite of the back teeth should be corrected as soon as possible because they are often associated with a shift of the lower jaw that could lead to a growth problem and negative changes in the jaw joint, TMJ.

Impacted Tooth and Spacing

This 7 year old girl had spacing of her upper permanent teeth and a blocked out lower permanent tooth that would not erupt. Braces were used to close the upper space and make space for the unerupted tooth.

Open Bite

Open Bite occurs when several upper and lower teeth are unable to make contact with each other. This open bite was treated in just 6 months using Invisalign® aligners.